Behaviour Consultation

                                                    Behavioural Consultations

GerThe phrase ‘there are no bad dogs, only bad owners’ may well have a grain of truth but is also somewhat misleading. Many dogs who develop behavioral problems have the most loving of owners who certainly do not deserve the label of ‘bad’. Indeed, by seeking help for their dogs, owners are in many ways demonstartaing just how commited they are to their pets. A little professional help goes a long way.

Todays pace of life and our busy streets and parks often bring a whole new set of problems to dogs. Indeed, whilst some problems may develop from misguided behavior by owners, others come from the dogs own misunderstanding of situations or learned behaviour in prior environments.


If you have taken on a re-homed or rescue dog you may find that they may need a little guidence in how to settle in their new home, or you may have an older dog who is showing a few behavioural problems. Indeed, dogs of all ages can benefit from a little extra time and training.

However, many problems experienced by owners are solvable ..... and changing the behaviour will often make for a happier (and more peaceful!) home.  


Does your dog greet your visitors by bowling them over or jumping up? Does he chew the furniture? Tear up his bed? Pull on the lead? Bark too much? Become anti-social with other dogs? With time and patience many of these behaviours can be changed.

And don't worry how experienced an owner you are. Many experienced owners struggle with behaviour they haven't encountered before. 



Common problems experienced by dog owners include --  


  •       pulling on the lead
  •       not listening to one of the owners
  •       Excitable behaviour towards visitors
  •       Unsociability ( barking or growling at either other dogs or people or both)
  •       Growling at humans in the home 
  •       Inter-dog agression in the home  
  •       Jumping up
  •       Excess barking
  •       Stealing and running off with things
  •       Separation anxiety and/or general anxiety when left alone                                                                                     
  •       Poor recall
  •       Dogs of all ages , but young dogs especially may also exhibit
  •       problems such as constant chewing, mouthing, nipping and over boistrousness.            



The Consultation - At Cottage Canines Paul is happy to have a one to one session with you and your dog to look at any behavoural issues you may be experiencing. He will come and talk with you and observe your dog in his or her own home. Following completion of a behavioural history questionnaire, the initial behavioural consultation takes between an an hour and a half, to two hours where practical hands on help is combined with information and longer term treatment suggestions. A full written report and either one or two rehabilitation sessions follow as part of the initial cost.

Paul finds it very important to work with you, the owner and he likes to involve the whole family in the sessions where possible.


                                         For all behavioural and training enquiries, initial chats are always free.


                                                                           Behavioural Consultation Package One - £65

This includes a full assesment with plenty of hands-on advice, a written report and training schedule, plus one follow-up session.

The first assesment always takes place in the home as Paul needs to observe and work with your dog in their own environment.

Paul also uses this time to talk to owners so he understands the dogs full history. 

Second (and any subsequent) visits can take place in the home, though in most instances Paul uses his private training areas in Whitwell and Niton

where hands on work, training and socialisation can taken place in a secure environment. After initial sessions, Paul may also work in situ

ie; will accompany you and your dog on a walk.

Paul also uses private enclosed fields for more in situation recall training and sociability. In these instances, small or large field areas will be

used to encourage a dog to learn to respond to their owner when out for a walk. Paul will often use his dogs to assist in this training. 


                                                                                   See how Paul works.

                                                                                   See where Paul trains


                                                                              Behavioural Consultation Package Two - £80

This includes the home visit assesment consultation (with report and schedule) and hands-on advice, with two, hour long follow-up sessions.

This package allows for plenty of time for Paul to demonstrate all training and to follow through his suggestions with your dog.

This package is always recommended to those whose dogs exhibit barking, lunging or aggression towards other dogs as one follow-up

session rarely sufices in these instances. Dogs with social aggression need time and patience if their behaviour is to be modified and this

may take a number of sessions depending on the intensity of the aggressive reaction. 

This package is also for those clients with more than one dog.





In all cases, further follow up work of One to One sessions with behaviour modification and training can be booked from £15 an hour. Packages can therefore be built to suit your needs with as many follow-up sessions as you would like all with ongoing advice.