Cottage Canines Dog Training and Behaviour Isle of Wight


Here are just a few of the many hundreds of dogs who have passed through  the doors of Cottages Canines and worked with Paul over recent years with a small selection of comments that owners have made.... 


    Ben         IMG_8603    Mitzi  Bour        


   Just a quick email to say thank you for today. It was such a positive experienceand taught us all that training is fun. Looking forward to the next session.      Border-Colie

Janet and Sarah Dec 2015


Thanks again for your ongoing advice and support which has already                                      

enabled us and Bonzo to make  positive changes. Phil 2016



 Ger  IMG_8621 (1) 

Thank you for the report and very accurate description of Candie. We certainly had a ' light bulb ' moment when you advised us how to avoid the situations that make her stressed, it made complete sense when someone who knows what they are talking about explains it to you.                We look forward to meeting with you for the next session.  

                                                                                                                               T and A  



Thank you for all your help with Fionn we are both so much more confident now.        JR         

MaxAnimated Gif Dogs (54)                               Maisie              IMG_8245

IMG_8605                       Three Dogs     



Ted2Hi Paul,

I thought you'd like to see this photo of Bruce and Ted, happily sitting together! Amazingly, there's a very similar photo of him with her cat.

I'm a born optimist, but I never thought we'd get this far and I'm grateful for your time and input once again. Your report was invaluable.

Kind regards

Helen Sinclair. Friends of the Animals.  


 Ted was a dog from the mainland who was tied up with another German Shepherd dog in a builders yard . Escaping one night the dogs were hit by a train which severly injured Ted (he lost a leg) and killed his companion. Ted was rescued by Friends of the Animals and brought to the Island to recover. He was naturally incredibly traumatised. Time and patience from all concerned has helped rehabilitate Ted into the dog he is today. Teds full story is available on the F.O.T.A. website and in the lates F.O.T.A. Magazine.



I just wanted to say how pleased we are to see Jess and Tyler making such improvement.

Your report is so comprehensive and is great to refer to as we work through the programme. You made it seem so simple. Thank you so much.

 JL and Family with Tyler and Jess      dalmatian-puppy-running

   IMG_8620 (1)     Darcy        Spud



Having taken your advice we are pleased to say that Bailey is showing excellent improvement. We will keep going as per your advice and are very happy and enjoyed our time spent with you. We would like to continue with further sessions.

Andrea Smith and Bailey  Oct 2015


Willow            Patch and Bramble       Benny      Rosco


Thank you for your visit, it was exceedingly useful, looking forward to receiving the report.

Already putting some of your recommendations into action.

GP and Chester  


                 Summer        chase tail      Nellie      Romeo


It was very good to meet you last week and I found all your advice so helpful as is the training programme. 

DN and Isla

 Meg      Gizmo



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 Hi Paul.

You may not remember me, but I owned Cara - or should I say Cara owned me - and you came to our home to give us some coping strategies for Cara who was becoming increasingly aggressive as she got older.

I am very sad to let you know that a couple of weeks ago I had to take the difficult decision to have her put to sleep. I don’t think there is any more difficult decision to make, but on the other hand she only really suffered for one day and even then we had a LOVELY if quiet day. We went for a little walk, she went with me in the garden for a time and I made her as comfortable as possible.  

She had a good life and I will always think of her attitudinal attitude! As you know she was a character and however difficult her behaviour and however sad I am now I am so glad to have had her in our life.

I am writing this to you to let you know how much I valued your care for Cara.

The coping strategies that you gave to me allowed me to cope with her and she seemed a happier dog for it right until the end.  Your support for me in caring for Cara allowed her to live out her little life to its full and not be swayed by others telling me that Cara was too challenging and that I should consider putting her to sleep some years ago and for that I will always remember you and be very grateful.

Thank you again

Sharon Harcourt  - Ryde 



Tilly     Pixie    Buddy     IMG_8524  IMG_8295   IMG_8225