Charms Puppies

Charms' puppies came into the world on Friday 8th of February 2013.

She has three handsome boys and one beautiful girl. 


         Here is mum Charm.                             

Charm head shot   


   Here is dad Spike.   

   spike 2

Charm and Spike are Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.


Both dogs have excellent five generation pedigrees and have regular health checks (scans and tests)

with clear credentials. Very importantly, they are also much loved family pets.

Charms family line originate from Liverpool and Spikes family line from Sussex.

This is the first litter of Charms pupies to be born on the Island.


All puppies have now found their forever homes.


We will be having puppies in the future as we will want to keep one ourselves. We do vet the homes our puppies go to and we do not home our Cavaliers to owners who work full time. On-going support is availabe with every puppy. Before they go to their new homes, each puppy will be fully KC Registered and have their first injection as well as a Vet health check. The puppies will also take home a Puppy Pack containing puppy advice, a small blanket that will carry the secent of their mother/litter mates, puppy photos and a few other personalised goodies. 


Here is their story -


Here is Charm the first morning, a little tired but a very proud mum!


Charm pup1


Each puppy is a different little character. We have them near us in the house so we can keep an eye on them all. We also watched them their first few nights, so no one got cold or lost and Charm was happy and relaxed. Some are faster to latch on and drink too, so we have to make sure everyone gets their fair share!!


Here is Charm having a cuddle with her daughter.


Charm pup 2



So sweet at just 36 hours old ................


Charm pup 4 



And here we are at 5 days old....a little bigger and with more rounded tummies!

We like the puppies to get used to us being around and they are already used to everyday sounds. In fact they have an overhead heater that humms like a hoover so they are already happy with that sound! In fact if you pop it on they fall asleep!


Charm pups 67  Charm pups 8


     And here are the puppies celebrating their first weeks birthday by having a nap!

      Their coats are getting silky.


                                   charms pups 9


     Two weeks old and their eyes and ears are opening!  

Hello world! 


 charms pups 10



And here we are this Saturday morning (15 days) from left to right -


Little Man        Valentine        Handsome      Little Girl


Charms pups 11


All now have their eyes open (though they only have eyes for their mum and the free milk bar!) They are begining to explore a little more and we handle them gently every day. Charm is doing brilliantly and enjoying all the cuddles. We now have to be especially careful with their eyes so no cameras with flashes!


Day 20 and the puppies are getting more adventurous. They are starting to try and play with each other but usually end up simply rolling over! 


Charms p 14   Charms p 15

And little characters begin to appear ....

Charms p 16


The little group are now three and a half weeks old. They are getting more adventurous! They now enjoy exploring new rooms and new things. When they come out to play we give them toys to crawl over and textures to explore. They respond to our voices and come towards us when we gently clap our hands! They love to play with each other now and it's great fun to watch them! Mum still looks after them though!



Charms p 19

 charms p22 charms p 25


Four weeks old and very handsome !!

  charms p 27

Good Morning we are five weeks old. Getting very bold and looking for adventure everywhere! Our coats are getting thicker and we are starting to lap milk and soft food (though we still prefer our mum to be there to show us what to do)



And now we are six! Six weeks that is!

The puppies all spend a lot of time with us now. They love to just be part of the big family and have now met all our other dogs (and think it's fun to chase them around!). They are eating well now (little and often) and enjoying playing with Charm even more. Charm is a brilliant mum and keeps an eye on them and tells them off when they get too rough or nip too hard! They are still babies though and after playing they just fall asleep for a couple of hours!

six weeks 1 six weeks 2 six weeks 3


six weeks 4


Puppies now almost eight weeks old. They are nearly ready to go to their new homes. They have met their new owners a few times and are happy to cuddle and play with them. They are eating well and very confident without mum now, though they still love to have a rough and tumble with her. They love to run around the room and play in the sunshine and have met all our dogs (who prefer to stay out of the way of the pesky puppies!). They have also had their first vaccination and a full health check at the vet. All are healthy and happy.

Well done Charm!


Pub E