The Canine Team

During training or behaviour modification Paul will often introduce one of his dogs.  Meet some of the team……


tiaTia is a black Labrador. Tia’s father was a FT working Labrador and Tia’s mother was Jayden our beautiful Yellow Labrador who passed away earlier this year aged 14.  Tia is now 6.5 years old. She is an amazing companion and very attentive on a walk. Tia loves to train and work and will follow commands at a distance across a field and retrieve well. She also adores her long runs on the downs.
Tia is also used as a training dog, working with Paul as a trigger dog to help dogs that show anxiety or reactivity towards other dogs and passing on her immence range of communication skills.  She is very calm when working.

​At home she just loves a cuddle on the couch.


jaydenOur Jayden. The most gentle, happy dog you could ever meet.

Photo’d here with a young Luna.

Jayden passed away ​aged 14 years. June 2017.

Jayden helped many, many dogs over the years working with Paul teaching puppies and young dogs. With her calm, relaxed demeanour and gentle communication, she was able to help even the most anxious dog relax.


charmCharm is a Cavalier King Charles and she is 9 years old. Once again we know her history as we bought her from a family near Laura’s parents home in Liverpool, from health tested parents and where we saw both dam and sire. She is a lively little girl with an independent streak and a love of training. Indeed, she is a very quick learner who enjoys showing off her skills.

Charm works well with our pack and lives up to her breed as a little spaniel and will scent, run and go to flush with all the bigger dogs. Charm also helps in the training of puppies and young dogs and will sometimes join the puppy class to aid socilisation. 

​At 9 years old she is a healthy, active  Cavalier who has no heart murmur.

Dash and Luna

Dash and LunaDash and Luna, are two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Dash and Luna are siblings and they are Charms daughters. Their father is a health tested (mainland) Cavalier. Dash and Luna are bred to be small spaniels as Cavaliers are suposed to be. They are active little dogs who love training and who enjoy working (and playing!) alongside the other dogs. Jayden and Tia adore them both.  Dash and Luna are now 3 years old. Both are clear of heart murmurs.

Dash can be found attending classes with Paul and demonstrating training. She also works with dogs during training sessions and with very young puppies to improve communication skills. She is confident and attentive. 

Luna is the acrobat. She loves agility and can clear a jump with ease. Luna will also attend a class or work with Paul. Luna is especially good with shy or anxious puppies as she is very gentle. Both dogs are confident and independent.

As siblings Paul studied their progress closely and worked on their independence. This enabled him to do a written paper on the bringing up of puppies from the same litter. Paul now advises in this area. 


jazzThe newest addition to the family is Jazz.

​Jazz is Tia’s daughter (and Jaydens granddaughter). She is a Black Labrador. Jazz’s father is the wonderful Goodstoney Wizzard (otherwise known as Chip.) Chip is a Fox Red Labrador from a good working line as well as an excellent family dog.

Jazz is 9 months old and still learning about the world.

​She has already decided that she loves everybody!

​There have been many, many dogs through the years that we have had in our home ….some though foster or rescue and others just passing through. Each has left an imprint ….and each has allowed Paul to know a little more about the canine world……..So for Matty, Mable, Tuppence, Sally, Hettie, Polly, Jessie and so many more ……….a few photos.

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